Floating from the dark sky 75 years ago were a handful of young men sent in to make preparations for many, many more young men to follow them in from the sky just a hand full of hours later.

These men were known as Pathfinders and their parachute jump was mostly peaceful and quiet as the invasion coming some 24 hours later was known to only a handful of men back in England and Washington DC. Unfortunately, the main force of Paratroopers would not be so fortunate to drift quietly in the sky and land effortlessly on Normandy soil. That was reserved only for the advance team of Pathfinders.

6 June, 1944 is 75 years ago in history, but for those men that dropped in to the German held land of France, it seems like it happened last week. What they saw and what they endured on the fateful day and many days following has been seared into their consciousness and even their sleeping hours of untold horrific memories.

There are just a few of those brave men left today but for those of us that have had the privilege of knowing them and listening to their exploits, we are honored to keep their memory alive.

Because of their bravery and devotion to the ideals that founded our country, they put aside their own comfort to fight for the liberty of all people. They endured pain and suffering so those in Normandy could be freed from the shackles of tyranny and to insure the continuing freedom for us and others around the world as they halted the spread of evil perpetrated by a vicious regime bent on world domination.

The 75th year anniversary is now upon us, may the Great Jumpmaster In The Sky, look over all the Jumpers & Participants in the 75th anniversary Jump.