Our late Master Rigger, Kacy Craver wanted the rigs protected, he suggested storing them in industrial totes. After consideration and hearing about another organizations building hit by a tornado, and a flooded rigger shop, we came up with our prototype rack system below.  


WWII Airborne Commands mission is to restore WWII artifacts and conduct WWII military techniques designed to preserve crucial military legacy of WWII and educate the public on the importance of these military advances. We plan to establish an educational training center to preserve historical airborne and military skills. At the education center we will provide hands-on classes that teach general WWII military training, parachuting techniques, and military classes as well as, more traditional lecture focused classes that discuss the impact these WWII techniques have on modern military techniques. Our long-term vision is to operate a museum to which both preserves the past and educates the public about WWII. We believe in Remember Honor Serve, the importance of honoring the memory of those who died by maintaining our freedom by employing the techniques that these brave soldiers employed during WWII. Our nonprofit will engage in regular WWII Airborne style and other military styles for demonstrations along with other educational outreach events designed to further our mission.



The WWII Airborne Command just purchased a 40 ft storage unit, which is now being converted into our parachute issue and storage unit.   


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World War II Airborne Demonstration Team®, MUSEUM, HISTORICAL ORGANIZATION

we shall not forget

lets take a moment to remember & honor our veterans

thank you for your service