Born:                             02 April 1922             

Enlistment date:            16 January 1941          Boston, Massachusetts

Deployments:                Europe

Units:                             HQ Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division

Rank:                            Private         

Specialisations:             Parachutist, Demolitions

Qualifications:              Parachute Wings, Combat Infantryman Badge

Decorations:                  Bronze Star, EAME Campaign Medal, Purple Heart, Prisoner of War Medal, WWII Victory Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, Presidential Unit Citation

Discharge Date:            1945

Deceased:                      20 June 2010           

Other Information:      Robert was originally in the National Guard and when the Guard was federalized, he became a medic within his infantry unit. While on manoeuvres in North Carolina, he found himself on the brink of being transferred to an anti-tank unit, so volunteered for parachute duty. He jumped into Normandy on June 6th 1944 and was separated from the rest of his unit. He was reported wounded and captured by the Germans on June 19th 1944 and became a prisoner of war. He was taken to prison camp Stalag 3C Alt Drewitz Brandenburg, Prussia 52-14. Fortunately, his Jewish heritage was never discovered by his Nazi captors and he was finally released when the Russian Army liberated the camp he was being held in near the Polish border on March 27th 1945.

A modest man, Robert was a postal worker and plumber after the war, rarely speaking to his wife and three children about his past heroics.